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Has your cat ever killed a bird or mouse and brought its trophy to your doorstep? Have you ever wondered why your dog loses all self control at the sight of a squirrel scampering up a tree when you are out for a walk? As someone who has been feeding my dogs raw for almost three years, I would definitely suggest pet owners consider the benefits of putting their dog or cat on a raw food diet. It has been said, “You cant teach an old dog new tricks,”  but eating raw animals is a very old and instinctive practice for carnivorous animals including your family dog and cat.


The concept is new for most, and gruesome for some. The thought of their pet chomping down on  raw meat seems so savage. Some think it will make a dog aggressive toward humans once they have their first taste of blood. And what about the health risks? Won’t they get salmonella poisoning? Those who choose to feed raw are not ignorant to their opponent’s criticism. On the contrary, they have done the research and come to their own conclusion that this is what is in the best interest of their pet. So, before you make your decision for or against the raw revolution, do your homework so you can do what is best for your pet. We offer a list of some pros and cons to help you get started.


  • more natural and native process of eating
  • no chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, fillers and additives
  • better digestion as natural raw food passes through easier
  • very low in carbohydrates which often cause food allergies and digestive issues
  • high acid content in stomach protects dogs against salmonella and other bacteria
  • healthier coats and skin
  • weight control due to less grains
  • increased energy levels
  • improved temperament
  • fresher breath
  • cleaner teeth and gums from chewing bones
  • little to no poop to scoop up as the feces decomposes within a couple of days
  • reduced risk of disease
  • save money on vet bills and prescriptions


  • can be more expensive compared to some dry kibble
  • lack of research proving benefits
  • raw meat can contain harmful bacteria including E. coli and salmonella however it should not pose a threat to normal healthy dogs
  • uncooked bones may pose a small risk of airway obstruction and choking
  • bowel obstruction and intestinal perforations from swallowing large bone portions though not common
  • supplements like fish oil may be necessary

For those who have chosen the raw diet, their aren’t many complaints. Only praise for their dog’s calmer mood and keen attentiveness, healthier skin, coat and teeth, and as a major bonus, no more pooper scooping the back yard.

It is important to note that not all dogs are good candidates for the raw diet such as a dog with an immunocompromised system or other underlying problems.  You may desire to get your pup checked out at the vet and get the assurance that he is in A health before jumping the great bowa. On the other hand, if your dog currently suffers from allergies or digestive issues, the raw food diet may be of great benefit to him.

For more information on raw feeding guidelines including how much to feed and answers to many other questions and concerns visit