Family’s Pet Cremation Services

  • Warm and peaceful surrounding
  • Our staff will work with each pet’s parent to help them with their distinct wishes for their pet.
  • Confidence knowing your pet has personal care with a tracking number until they go home with you.
  • We cremation from lizards to intact horses
  • We offer individual – individual partition – group cremation.
  • Grieving room to say your goodbyes
  • Array of different types of funeral services from sweet good bye to larger groups funeral services
  • Work exclusively with an In-Home Euthanasia company of doctors.
  • Viewing room available upon request.
  • Variety of urns ranging from small keepsakes that can be engraved, bio degradable urns and urns large enough to accommodate horses.
  • We offer “in-house” jewelry engraving and stone craving with your own pet’s paw
  • We can be reached 24/7.
  • Pick-up at your home for an additional charge or veterinarian office
  • 24 hour video of all cremations, with an option to purchase a video of your pet
  • Home pickup is available for a reasonable charge. 24hour Emergency service is also available. By calling first, you may arrange a time to bring your pet to our facility located in Arlington Heights, IL.
  • Your pet’s ashes are available for pick-up within 48-72 hours in a complimentary urn or you may choose from our selection of custom pet urns.


Pet Cremation Packages



Pick-Up Services

Our pick-up service includes the Chicago area and surrounding counties. Standard services start at $75 for Packages #2 or #3; and are based on a 10 mile radius from our facility, easy access to pet and one employee needed for pick-up.
*Add $50 to standard pick-up fee and cremation fee for Group/Communal Cremation (Package #1).
*Add $125 to standard pick-fee and cremation fee for pick-ups needed after 5pm or on weekend


Package 1: Group Cremation




  • Cremated along with other pets
  • No cremains returned
  • Clay Paw Print (embossed name available)
  • Condolence Card
  • Cremation Certificate






Package 2: Partitioned Cremation



  • Cremated in the same crematory as other pets. sectioned off using high temperature rated bricks to ensure no cross-contamination.
  • Clay Paw Print
  • Cremation Certificate
  • Condolence Card
  • Brushed Copper Urn






Package 3: VIP/Individual Cremation



  • Cremated alone, in it’s own unit, with NO other pets
  • Clay Paw Print
  • Cremation Certificate
  • Condolence Card
  • Cherry-wood Urn with Engraved name on Brass Plate









Upgrade A:

  • Wooden Photo Frame with Engraved Name on Brass Plate.
  • Touch Stone with Paw Print (Actual Personalized Print, Display box NOT included.
  • One Additional Clay Paw Print (Your choice of Impression or Embossed, Ribbon and Birth Stones NOT included)






Upgrade B:

  • Pewter Urn with Name Engraved
  • Touch Stone with Paw Print (Actual Personalized Print, Display box NOT included.
  • One Additional Clay Paw Print (Your choice of Impression or Embossed, Ribbon and Birth Stones NOT included)








Equine and larger animal cremation

Here at Family’s Pet we also provide our friends with larger animal and equine cremations. With the largest crematory in the state of Illinois, we are able to preform whole horse cremations and maintain the integrity of larger animals. We have designed a customized lifting cradle for our larger animals, in order to provide a humane way of pick up, removal and transportation of your beloved pet. Family’s Pet is also responsible for the entire process, to include: Pick up, Removal, Transportation and Cremation. By eliminating the usual third party (pick up/removal and transportation company) we are able to maintain 100% accountability of your animal and provide personal care through out the entire process. All of our same services are available for our larger pets and horses, that we offer for our regular sized pets. For more information click here or feel free to call or email with any questions regarding large animal/horse cremation, scheduling a pick up and/or cremation, pick up/transportation fees, available urns and any other inquiries you may have.


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