Family's Pet Cremation


We provide a comprehensive 7 step process to ensure that your pets cremains are returned to “YOU” the rightful owner. It is important for you the owner to know that your beloved pet has truly been returned to you.

  1. Once a pick up/drop off has been scheduled, we provide your pet with an ID number.
  2. We tag your pet with the ID number immediately upon pick up or drop off and perform a clay impression of his or her paw.
  3. Your pet’s cremation tag remains with them in climate controlled area leading up to the cremation process.
  4. A chart is structured up to specifically identify your pet’s location within our pet cremation chamber stating the ID#, Pet Name and weight according to your pets compartment within unit.
  5. A complimentary decorative pet cremation urn is packaged and labeled with your name and your pet’s name.
  6. A certificate of cremation bearing your pet’s name, owner’s name, cremation ID# and date is prepared and personally signed.
  7. Your certificate and pet cremation urn as well as clay imprint of your pets paw are matched with your pet’s cremains and prepared for return.

Please see our F.A.Q’s page for general questions you may have in regards to pet