Protect Your Pet Against Fleas and Ticks Naturally

If you are concerned about using safe alternatives to chemical based products for your pet, here are a few alternate means of combating fleas and ticks. You can feel confident that your pets will remain bug-free throughout the year — especially in the summertime, when there are plenty of nasty critters around.

Many pet owners are seeking alternatives to chemical based flea and tick treatments because of the possibility of a toxic reaction to the skin as well as not wanting to expose themselves or their children. Thankfully, there are many natural remedies to repel ticks and fleas that are of no threat to your pet, and you may have some on hand right in your home.

Take a Dip

If you notice fleas on your pet, a swift bath will help to get rid of them and prevent an outbreak. The water itself is able to wash away most and possibly all of the fleas since they are unable to hang on to the hair shaft under the pressure of the water. Use a gentle non toxic shampoo or Dawn dish soap (preferable citrus scented). A vinegar rinse will help rinse away those straggling fleas that otherwise may hide. Give him a good brushing afterward checking for remaining fleas. Regular brushing will allow you to keep an eye out for fleas in the future. The scent of vinegar may even help repel ticks but it may repel family members too with its strong scent.

Clean House

Keep your home cleaned and vacuumed as well as disinfected to help repel and kill any fleas that may enter into the home, while remembering to use natural based products to keep toxins to a minimum.Borax (not boric acid) is a safe substance to sprinkle around the home over floors and couches, then sweep or vacuum away, allowing it to settle into cracks and crevices where fleas may dwell. Nematodes are a natural predator of fleas. These small worms feed off of flea larva. They can be added to your yard and are easy to find at garden stores or pet shops. Ask for “beneficial” nematodes.

Lovely Lemons

Citrus is a natural flea repellent.Simply squeeze an orange or lemon and rub onto your pet’s fur before he heads out the door to do his business in the morning. Rest easy knowing that there is no harm to your pet if he licks at it, and enjoy his new fresh lemony scent.

 Essential Oils

Rose geranium oil is an effective repellent against fleas and peppermint for ticks. They can be added to a spray bottle of water which can be sprayed over your dog’s fur or applied straight to your dog’s collar. Do NOT use these on your cat, however, as they can have a bad reaction to essential oils. When in an area of tall grass or known to have ticks, such as a forest preserve or even your own yard, be sure to check your pet a few times a day and remove them promptly.

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