How to Choose a Boarding Kennel that’s Right for Your Pet

Planning a vacation or business trip but cant bring your pet with? While your first choice may be to leave your pet with a trusted friend or family member this may not always be possible making boarding a viable option. Do not let the fear of the unknown keep you in the dark. Get your questions answered and feel secure in your decision.

Boarding your pet

It is not always possible to bring your dog along on your vacation and finding a trusted sitter is very important when leaving your furry friend behind. A reliable friend, family member, or neighbor is a first choice for many pet owners. Essentially they would need to come to your home several times a day to feed, water, exercise, and spend time with your dog. You could hire a professional pet-sitter to perform these duties as well.

Another solution is boarding your dog at a good dog kennel. While prices and services for kennels will vary from your vet’s office to a lavish “bed-and-biscuit” resort with complementary grooming and aromatherapy, it is important to keep these considerations in mind.

  • Is the kennel, outdoor and indoor runs included, clean and orderly?
  • Is it free from offensive odors and providing adequate ventilation?
  • Is it a comfortable temperature, ie: not too hot and not too cold?
  • Is the kennel secure enough to prevent pets form escaping?
  • Does the kennel require proof of mandatory vaccinations for all pets who board?
  • Are you able to view all of the areas where your pet will be kept and the daily schedule of his care.

Above all, use your best judgement. Ask questions and get to know the staff. Make sure that you are comfortable with your decision before you leave because your dog is depending on you to be a strong pack leader. In order to make your pet’s experience more comfortable, you may decide to bring along his bed or favorite toys. When you leave, be positive and upbeat to give your pet extra security. Focus on the benefits to your dog’s vacation destination and do not apologize for leaving him or engage in lingering goodbyes as your pet will sense your hesitation. Remember, it is the most loving thing to do for your pet to make sure that he is looked after properly while you are gone. Enjoy your trip and most likely he will do the same with the opportunity to meet new friends and make new fun.

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