Tips for a Pet Friendly Spring Break

Family’s Pet Services hopes that you are enjoying the first signs of spring. Chances are that you and your pet are jumping at the opportunity for a spring break where you can finally begin to enjoy the outdoors again. Whether traveling or staying put, remember to include your pet who’s loyalty and love can serve as an oasis from the stresses of the daily routine.


March is always a great time to take a break from the real world and spend some time traveling, relaxing, and spending some quality time with the people and pets you love the most. No matter what your plans are, here are a few ideas that will help make this a fun and pet friendly spring break.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

To help you avoid the devastation associated with the aforementioned movie title above, we would like to suggest some tips to help make your travel experience a pleasant one.

If you’re bringing your pet along, be sure to research your options to find all the best pet friendly hotels, restaurants and parks. If you decide to leave your furry pals at home, pet sitting sites like DogVacay and help you skip the boarding facility and find a great local pet lover to care for them, instead.

Always start your adventure with a clean bill of health from the vet. Make sure all vaccines are current and that you take proof of those vaccines with you on your trip (many pet-friendly hotels and parks may require proof upon arrival). If your pet is taking any prescribed medications, be sure to pack enough doses for your trip plus a few more (in case your trip is extended due to unforeseen circumstances). The leash is mandatory! And knowing who is responsible for the dog while on the leash is important too. Having an adult oversee the pet when making stops is highly recommended.

Road Trip Rules

For your safety and the safety of your pet, use a carrier or seat belt-tested harness to keep your pet in the backseat. This will minimize injury in the event of an accident as well as prevent your dog or cat from breaking free when car doors are open at a stop. Other tips to keep in mind include: It is best to feed your pet a light meal four – six hours before departing on your journey and if at all possible do not feed or water your pet while in a moving vehicle. Eating in the car increases their odds of becoming car sick. Plan to make a few stops along the drive. Every two hours is a good rule of thumb for both you and your pet. This will allow your fur-friend to get a drink, stretch their legs and take a restroom break (remember your pet is very excited about the change in scenery and may need to potty more frequently).

Avoid letting your dog hang his or her head out the window. Road debris and flying objects become deadly weapons at 60 MPH. Also avoid putting your pet in a trailer or camper or allowing them to ride in the bed of a truck. This can be very dangerous for your pet (and in some states is illegal).

Flying in the Sky

Deciding to take your pet on a trip that requires air travel can be a big decision. Rules and regulations vary by airline and should be verified with the airline you choose. First for dogs, the breed, size and age are key factors. Certain breeds are more prone to severe respiratory difficulties in an airplane’s poorly ventilated cargo areas. It is recommended that these pets fly in the passenger cabin if their size permits. Also puppies must be at least eight weeks old and weaned at least five days before air travel. Cats are also susceptible to severe respiratory difficulties and should fly in the passenger cabin if permitted. You’ll also want to trim your feline’s nails to avoid them getting hung up on the crate making for a long and uncomfortable flight.

A few days off from work and school makes for a great time to work on one of those DIY pet projects you’ve been putting off. Get Pinterest-y and try making your own dog treats or assembling a pet proof place mat for a messy eater. If the weather is warming up where you are (hopefully it is!), get outside and do something fun. Hit the dog park, go play in the yard or take a walk and enjoy having an agenda-free day.Spring Cleaning With the change in weather often comes the desire to clean and straighten your home. Apply this activity to your pets by making sure they’re up to date on all their vaccines and have tags properly displayed. Wash dog and cat beds and get rid of all those half-eaten chew toys lying around (and maybe buy a few new ones. if you’re feeling generous).No matter what you’re doing, if you’re spending time with your pets, they’re having a great time. Enjoy your spring break, pet lovers!

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