Easter Pet Precautions

Easter is a wonderful time of celebrating new life! Chocolate bunnies in baskets, hiding eggs around the house, and displaying fragrant lilies are all apart of the fun, but are not so safe for family pets. Sickness, choking, and even fatality are possible side effects if your pet ingests any of these items. Keep the celebration going and protect your beloved pet by following these precautions.

Chocolate contains theobromine as well as caffeine. Both substances are highly toxic and ingestion can be fatal to pets. It can affect the Nervous System and Cardiovascular system as well as cause vomiting, loose stools, etc. If your pet ingests chocolate please seek veterinary assistance immediately. Try to retain the wrappers as evidence of what kind of chocolate (milk, dark, white, etc) as well as the amount of chocolate that was ingested to show to your vet.

The abundance of sugar in candy can make your pet sick. Artificially sweetened candies are just as toxic.
Foil wrapping if ingested can cause digestion issues and sharp pieces of foil can cause
serious damage to the esophagus and intestines. Chewy candies and gum pose a chocking risk.

Easter Grass and Eggs
That long stringy faux “grass” lining many Easter baskets is not only a pain to clean up after the festivities but it is a major threat if ingested. Cats in particular may be attracted to the shiny stringy material.  It can cause intestinal obstruction requiring surgery if the strands of tinsel grass wrap around the intestines. Shredded paper and real grass are more safe alternatives.
When hiding eggs, be sure to find and put away after the hunt is over to make sure that your pet does not chomp down on a plastic egg which can break and be sharp again causing internal damages. Also some candy may be inside the egg. If using real eggs you definitely want to be sure to recover them all and use or discard immediately so that they do not rot. If you do not find them your pet with his superior sense of smell will most likely find them for you. And if they eat a rotten egg, it may not agree with their tummy and you don’t want to deal with the smells that will follow!

Easter Lilies
The trademark flower of Easter is the beautiful, fragrant lily resembling the new life of the season. However, LILIES ARE EXTREMELY TOXIC TO ALL PETS ESPECIALLY TO CATS! PLEASE KEEP LILIES OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND GARDEN if you are a pet owner. Symptoms of lily poisoning include: vomiting, nausea, lethargy, any change in behavior, please take your pet to the vet IMMEDIATELY, DO NOT WAIT until the morning or after your party is over because it may be too late. Most vet clinics are closed on Holidays so it is a good idea to know of your closest emergency clinic location in the event of any unexpected emergencies.

Easter Toys
Many toys that are small enough to fit into eggs makes them a choking hazard to pets. Cats may be attracted to small toys and dogs may eyeball your child’s stuffed animals. Keep all non toys away form your pets and keep an eye out if your pet is being curious toward the contents of your baskets.

Pet Perks
Give your pets their own treats to chew on, keep them occupied, and spend some time with them as a part of your celebrations. For their safety however, you may wish to keep them confined in a room until all eggs are picked up and your guest are gone.

Have a Happy Easter!

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