Hero Cat Saves Elderly Woman from Pit Bull Attack

This little kitten lived up to its name. I hope you will enjoy this encouraging story. As you look at your pet, just think, what might they do to prove their love for you if they had the opportunity? They are our faithful furry friends!

Sophie Thomas, an independent 97-year-old resident of Harrison, Mich., received a kitten for company one day from her son. She named her Tiger. After years of showing love and protection to the furry little feline, the opportunity came for her to return the favor, and when she did, the results were life altering.

While was pulling dandelions in her garden one sunny afternoon Thomas was suddenly surrounded by four growling pit bulls. At first, Thomas tried talking to them and shooing them away with spade in hand, but they continued to circle around her. Next one of the dogs lunged at her, biting her on the arm, and she responded by hitting him on the head with her spade. He backed off, but a second dog was approaching. “I’ve never been so scared,” says Thomas. “I was shaking!”

Just when things seemed bleak, little Tiger shot out from nowhere. “She flew through the air and shot past me like a bolt of lightning,” recalled Thomas. “She just jumped right into the middle of them, then ran for the garage.” The dogs took off after Tiger and Thomas took the opportunity to run to safety inside her house. When the dogs finally left her yard Tiger came out of hiding.

The dogs were caught and quarantined. Thomas received a tetanus shot for the bite and Tiger was treated for a swipe to the nose. The two were very fortunate to still have their lives. Thomas was overwhelmed with gratitude as well as surprised by her cat’s heroic behavior. “She’s such a scaredy-cat usually,” she says. “I don’t know what came over my angel that day. She got a lot of love that night!”

I wonder how our pets might surprise us if they had the opportunity. Our faithful companions are worthy of our affection and respect. Show your pet your appreciation today, you never know when they may return the favor.


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