Keep Pets Safe During New Year’s Eve Celebrations

While you are celebrating at tonight’s festivities to ring in the new year, your pet may be preparing for WWIII. Much like the Fourth of July, fireworks and other loud noise makers can really frighten pets. So much so, that New Year’s Eve is a busy time at many animal shelters and hospitals caring for run away pets. The loud foreign noises and large bursts of color create a rush of anxiety in some pets causing them to run away and seek shelter ¬†from the disturbance. Injury is likely to result once a pet has run off due to the risk of being run over by a car, getting into a fight with another animal, or getting frostbite from the freezing temperatures.

In order to avoid such catastrophe, you may want keep your pet in a separate room with the door closed. You can turn on some music or the TV to help drown out the noise of fireworks and other noise makers. Do not let him out of the house during this time as even a normally obedient dog can jump fences or dig holes in order to escape. If you are going out, leave your dog at home.

Having a microchip or a current dog tag is imperative to being reunited to a lost pet. If you have been procrastinating on getting your dog’s tags updated or have considered microchipping, now is the time to add that to your new year’s resolutions.

As with Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is always a risk of your pet ingesting some party fare that is not fit for their species. Avoid giving pets alcohol, high fat foods, and cooked bones as well as the usual allergens of chocolate, grapes, and onions. ¬†Caffeine, raw dough, and poinsettias are also toxic to pets. So keep a tight lid on the trash cans and don’t hesitate to give your guests a gentle reminder not to feed Fido or Furball.

Have a safe and happy New Year!!!


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