Fun Ways to Include Your Pet in the Christmas Celebrations

At Family’s Pet Cremation we know that pets are family. This Christmas you can let them know just how special they are by including them in the festivities

1. Get your dog a stockinG

If you haven’t already done so, you can buy your pet a personalized stocking or a plain one for yourself or the kids to decorate. If you feel really creative, you can trace or make a print of your pets paw on the stocking. Let family members help choose small gifts and treats to place inside as a way for them each to demonstrate their love for your precious pet.

2. Buy a present

A warm Christmas sweater, a new ball, or a luscious bone, you know what will get your pet’s tail wagging. Whatever you choose, your pet will feel the love when including in gift giving process. Have a little fun and let him sniff any boxes containing edible treats. You may be surprised at his ability to tear it open just like the other kids on Christmas morning.

3. help a homeless dog 

If you have love and room in your home for one more, consider adopting a new pet and giving them a home for the holidays. Some shelters offer a fostering program allowing you to house the animals temporarily which can provide some much needed attention and affection for the lonesome little guys and teach the other members of the family about the joy of helping those less fortunate. If compelled you may desire to make your home a permanent dwelling for the lucky creature and share the gift of family with them for years to come.

4. Take a Christmas photo

You may choose to include your pet on the front of your family Christmas card or make a special solo photo of their own. You can show off your best friend with each card you send or make a keepsake photo of your pet for just your family to enjoy and remember for years to come. With all the cute Christmas costumes available, from reindeer ears to Santa hats, the possibilities are endless for you to adorn your pet with Christmas cheer. Making a homemade costume is easy too by attaching bells, bows or other decorations to your pet’s collar. Just remember to remove them when finished to prevent your pet from any harm of choking or ingesting these not so pet proof accessories.

5. Participate in a special activity together

There is no shortage of holiday parties and festivities cramming the calender during the month of December, but not many of these events were planned with your pooch or pussycat in mind. With a little effort, however, you can create some fun activities for you and your pet. Simple choices may be taking a walk down a new path or setting up a play date with another pet you know will get along well with yours. If you like to bake then choose some tasty dog biscuit or cat treat recipes that your pet will enjoy. This is a great alternative to giving your pet any goodies that are not healthy for your pets unique digestion system.

Hopefully these ideas have helped to stimulated your thinking about how you can include your pet as you celebrate the joy of Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!!!!

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