Pet Cremation Chicago


We are always looking to Blog and speak and seek the opinions of people in order to see how we may best come along side pet owners living in the Chicago land and Metropolitan area who may be making preparations for their final moments when it comes to their family pet, I personally have found that most pet owners DO NOT even think about the final moments or after care when it comes to their pet passing on, which is why we here at Family’s Pet Cremation strive to raise awareness through Social Media plug ins and blogging like we are doing right now!! If you have not seen the virtual tour of our facility, please take the time in order to do so it will give you a glimpse into what it is that we offer as a family owned business and pet owners ourselves. We have a private viewing area, pet funeral services and onsite crematoriums that cater to the requests of any and every family pet whether small or large, folks are able to stay here at the facility during cremation being offered cable t.v., free WIFI and refreshments if in fact they want while they wait. Our facility is pet friendly, therefore if you have other family pets in which you would like to bring in order to say good-bye we would invite you to do so, we have even provided tennis balls for pets to play fetch across the way in the open field and then water to cool down. We have always sought to go the extra mile in all aspects for each and every pet as well as pet owner who walks through the doors of our facility. I always tell each and every pet owner who comes to our facility…….every pet has a face here at Family’s Pet Cremation….EVERY pet!! If you are facing a time right now of uncertainty and are unsure about the provisions you have set in place for your pet, we encourage you to please give us a call and we will guide you through in a loving, gentle and compassionate way- we are not one of those companies that just wants to take advantage of your feelings and emotions as well as your finances during a very unfortunate time, we are the family that wants to come along side you and help you to have a pleasant and memorable experience despite the circumstances before you.Building



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