Homemade Pet Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching! Whether you are all finished with your holiday shopping or will be one of the last minute shoppers wondering what to buy and fighting for a parking spot at the mall, we hope that you will not forget to include your furry, four legged friend in the gift giving process. Fortunately, there are many gifts that you can create for your pet from the comfort of your own home. So grab the other family members and some supplies and make get ready to make memories that will last for years as you manifest to your pet one of the greatest gifts of all, one from your heart.

DIY Pet Toys

A new toy is sure to please your pet t this Christmas! Chances are, you can create one by using items found in your home. Do it yourself toys are simple and can save you a ton. A simple toy to please most pups is to take a ball or water bottle and wrap it in an unused shirt. Securely wrap a ribbon or strong cloth at the base of the object where the shirt is bunched. You can cut the surrounding material in strips and braid them to create squid like tentacles that will be enticing for your pet to grapple with as you throw the new toy around.

Per Pillow and Blanket

A pillow or blanket is the perfect gift for pets! They spend most of the day sleeping anyway so why not add an extra level of comfort to rest those bones upon? It is sure to please your pet! Have fun choosing the pattern and material of your choice. For a no sew option choose fleece. It is a great fabric to use for either a pillow or a blanket. To quickly assemble a pillow, just cut two pieces in the same shape as the pillow but much larger, allowing a six-inch border all around. Tie the corners of the fleece pieces together and you’ve got a quick and easy pet pillow. To make a simple fleece blanket, sew two square pieces together or cut two-inch fringe the whole way around each piece, then use the fringe to tie the two pieces together. They are so simple to make, you may decide to do both!

Christmas Ornaments

A festive gift to include your pet in the yearly Christmas celebration is to create a homemade ornament. One simple way is to make an imprint of your pet’s paw onto a bake-able clay. You may include his name and the year on front or back. Make a hole for the ribbon and then bake in your oven per manufacturer’s instruction. Thread with a ribbon or hook and place the precious keepsake upon your tree.  Another option, which includes a picture of your pet, is to cut out a holiday-themed shape such as a Christmas tree, snowflake, or stocking from construction paper, felt, or other sturdy material. Cut two identical shape then make an opening in one of the shapes for the photo. Glue the pieces together with the photo in between. Next, add a hanger and if desired, decorate with some glitter glue or decals and voila! Include the year somewhere on the ornament and save as a keepsake for years to come.

Decorated Pet Accessories

Plain pet collars, leashes and food bowls can be easily decorated for a personalized pet gift. Use fabric paint to decorate a collar and leash with your pet’s name and designs. Check the beading area of craft stores for small pet charms that can add some pizzazz to a collar. Your pet may not be moved either way concerning the fashion statement being made, but it is a creative expression of your love and style upon your furry friend. Customize a food bowl mat by taking a flat rug and painting it with your pet’s name and other decorations. Decorate food bowls with your pet’s name and other creative details such as paw prints, fish, mouse, or dog bone shapes.

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